A Classical Opus

Red Lantern Families

Objective /

Explore in rigorous depth a chosen topic that identifies a problem in the world and develop a Master’s thesis project on this topic. In this process distilled information, conducted research, analyzed strategies and developed a solution through a design approach.

Concept /

Young Chinese families face language and communication problems when they are expecting a baby or have children younger than 5 years old. Red Lantern Families is a I created brand to help such families in San Francisco. Red Lantern Families has a guidebook set, booklets, a website, and an app to help Chinese families in their daily lives. ­I took photos that from different families who live in San Francisco, and I also interviewed them. The project logo is a red lantern because Chinese usually hang up red lanterns when they celebrate Chinese New Year. Red lanterns bring hope and luck to Chinese families.

Skills /

Branding Design, Print Design, UI/UX, Website Design, Illustration


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