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 A Chorus Of Flavors

Gourmet, and Gourmet Magazine

Objective /

Revive a dying brand. Redesign a visual identity for it based on its original spirit and soul. Develop a refined brand strategy and extend the new future into the brand.

Concept /

This project is a rebranding of Gourmet and its magazine. This magazine presents food from different countries all over the world. People can learn about culture and history through local foods. The new Gourmet will expand beyond the printed page to provide digital platforms for experiencing diverse cultures through food. In the future, Gourmet will keep the brand soul that food is a key to open the doors to other cultures. I changed the old serif logo into a key element to give the brand a meaning that belongs to Gourmet’s soul. The new slogan is, “The G is the key and the key is the G.” This key will open up the world for Gourmet.

Skills /

Brand Identity, Design Strategy

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