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A Distant Melody

Sentimental Spring Film Festival

Objective /

Design all features of a festival that is dedicated to a film director. Design a visual system for the event that includes a catalog, a poster, DVD’s, tickets, a schedule and promotional materials. The promotional campaign has a website and advertisements that all capture the essence of the film festival.

Concept /

In the films of Shunji Iwai, people are reminded about the power of first love. It is often not a happy ending for that first love, but it is an important experience that can teach how to avoid the same mistakes again. Interestingly, it can also teach how to love a stranger. I took all the photos in a Japanese tea garden and used soft color to express the sweetness and innocence of the young characters in Shunji Iwai’s films. I also used Japanese words in the design to give people a feeling for the traditional Japanese culture that infuses his films.

Skills /

Visual System, Typography

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